But we are together there. Together again, somewhere.

Ascenseur pour l’échafaud


Life flows too slowly on me. So I speed it up. I set it right.

Le Feu Follet (1963)


Spirits of the Dead: William Wilson (Louis Malle, 1968)

In murdering me, you’ve murdered yourself.

Tu as l’air triste.
Les Amants | Louis Malle, 1958

Jeanne Moreau and Jean-Marc Bory, in Louis Malle’s Les Amants, 1958.

When we were filming Elevator, we became personally involved. And one would say, “Well, you got involved emotionally because, well, it’s natural when you work on a film.” Well, no, it’s not always natural, because I made several films and all the directors with whom I worked didn’t become my lover. There was something very exceptional, and when I say there was I go further, I say there is still something. Whatever happens, even if Louis is not there anymore, he’s still alive, because he opened doors for me as though I came out of a jail. Through him I discovered the freedom of cinema and exactly what cinema could mean: a modern way of communicating with the world. — Jeanne Moreau